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Academia Universal is the centre of expertise to support the development of VET and evidence-based policy-making. It provides advice, research, analysis, information, and stimulates active learning.


If you are currently working and you would like to improve your skills or you are unemployed and you would like to increase your chance to find a job, there is a wide range of courses you can take at Academia Universal throughout the year, which are completely free of charge as they are subsidised by the public administration (Sepecam). See the course schedule to learn about the latest courses on offer.

Remember that...

Occupational training can prepare you to work in various professions. This gives you better qualifications when looking for a job.

If you have left or lost your current job and you need to update your knowledge, occupational training can help you prepare to return to the job market.

If you are currently working, you can improve your skills by acquiring new ones.

With occupational training you can apply for new jobs and make sure you are fully equipped for their requirements.

Apart from being free of charge, occupational training courses at Academia Universal are supported institutionally by the entities that organize them, so they are increasingly recognised and valued on the job market.

Improving your CV by doing an occupational training course at Academia Universal will help you get a better rating at private job centres as well as competitive exams for public service placements.

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